“My name is Natalie Bergeron. I’m 20 years old.” “My name is Daniel Hendrick. I’m 19 years old.”  “Nelson Quezada, 22 years old.” “Michael Rotstein, age 20. I go to Stetson University.” Daniel Hendrick
“I am a sophomore at Stetson University.” Natalie Bergeron
“And I go to Stetson University.”   Nelson Quezada 
“I attend Stetson University.” Daniel Hendrick
“So, for me, as a queer-identifying man, like, this election is super important.” Nelson Quezada 
“So, immigration reform is really important to me.” Natalie Bergeron
“Environmental issues that are smaller scale than just saying a blanket statement about climate change.”   Michael Rotstein
“I’m very pro-Second Amendment; I like my gun.” Natalie Bergeron
“So, I worked with a butterfly over the summer that used to be the most prevalent butterfly species in all Florida, and only natural habitat is now one tiny island in the [Florida] Keys. And that’s because we’ve built up so much on the Florida coastline. So, I think one of the biggest things we need to focus on is stopping habitat destruction because of development.”   Daniel Hendrick
“A lot of dangerous beliefs are being emboldened and lifted up. And so, it’s this election is important because I need to know that I will be safe. I need to know that I will be able to be who I am anywhere in this country.”   Nelson Quezada 
“Um, I’m an immigrant. I immigrated to the U.S. from El Salvador when I was seven. And so, ensuring we have an immigration policy that is inclusive, that it provides the millions of undocumented immigrants a pathway to citizenship.” Michael Rotstein
“Wants to establish a gun tax — $200 on each semi-automatic rifle. I am heavily against that. Yes, it still doesn’t go exactly against the Constitution, I just don’t find it very constitutional to tax guns, especially on people that have already owned them. The tax kind of disincentivizes people who own guns to keep them; they don’t want to keep paying that $200 yearly tax, and I’m very against it.”  

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